When Water is Scarce...

Be Prepared!
Save Up to 60% of Your Precious Water Supply
...Anytime, Anywhere.

Save water with our water conservation tap by SaveAqua.
Our Patented, Water Saving Tap Is Ideal For:
• Emergency Preparedness
• Survival Kits
• Camping Trips
• Outdoor Activities & Events
• First Aid Kits
...Whereever Clean Water is Scarce!
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See what happens if your regular outdoor wash station leaks!

Watch the SaveAqua Tap Outperform a Standard Tap!

SaveAqua offers the solution for saving water wherever you are. When you need it the most, the SaveAqua water saving tap will provide you with:

  • Durable Equipment, Made from High Quality Materials
  • Unique Patented Design that Adapts to Your Needs
  • Higher Level of Personal Hygiene
  • Saves up to 60% of Your Water Supply
  • Efficient Design & Size, Perfect for Any Survival Kit

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