SaveAqua products are designed to promote personal hygiene and preserve water in locations where it is scarce. Using a SaveAqua tap, any available plastic container can be converted into an efficient water dispensing device. SaveAqua products are designed to assist with personal hygiene, washing dishes, or any other task where water conservation is important.

Due to their portability, SaveAqua taps have a wide variety of applications. SaveAqua taps excel in outdoor environments such as campgrounds, backcountry camping, and even potential emergencies. Though the primary advantage of the SaveAqua tap is its portability, it is also very simple to use and it is environmentally friendly.

SaveAqua taps are great for maintaining hygiene in the outdoors, including for use during sports team events, daycare and school fieldtrips. Create your own washing station in places where built in water infrastructure is lacking to encourage hand washing in order to decrease the spread of germs.

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