Hygiene is one of the most important things for preventing and reducing the spread of disease, yet because water can be scarce, proper hygiene is not often prioritized. From a recreational camping trip to a dire survival situation, hygiene is important for staying healthy and alive. At the same time water usage is often constrained by a lack of bodies of water or water infrastructure, therefore conserving available water is important. The SaveAqua tap is a portable, self closing tap designed to be used in places with little, or no, water infrastructure around for the purpose of hygiene. No other product comes close to its versatility, simplicity, and efficiency for what it does. The tap on its own is used to turn any plastic container into a washing station. The SaveAqua tap can be attached to water containers (such as an aqua pak) via adapters for the purpose of dispensing water more efficiently, or the tap can be used to create low pressure water systems with the use of another adapter.

Create your own washing station in places where built in water infrastructure is lacking to encourage hand washing in order to decrease the spread of germs.

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